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i enjoy obsessing over tv shows , books , and crying over fictional characters

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Jensen's eyes , jared's hair , misha's butt , rainy days , ice creams , books , puppies , balloons , beaches , making people smile

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+Queenabaddon and all the networks

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Two broke girls s1

Supernatural s5

Once Upon A time s3

House s2

The Vampire Diaries s2

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Suggest me books :D

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Supernatural S10

Sherlock S4

Mockingjay Part 1

The Revenge Of Seven

The Winds Of Winter

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queue runs 24/7

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Yes you. you're awesome, you're perfect, you're beautiful, You're everything you're supposed to be. I love you . Don't ever change .

Tracy Bell in Devil May Care.

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make me choose: @padagirl Charlie or Lisa

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"I’m going to be awesome at wielding weapons, driving fast cars and generally being bad-ass. I’ll be hanging out with Terminators and whatnots, introducing them to flat whites and generally chilling," — Emilia Clarke on playing Sarah Conner

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"I followed a girl to Los Angeles, and she ended up hooking up with her ex-boyfriend and then moving to Australia. So I ended up with a job fixing motorcycles for art shows.  One day, I left that job and was at a party and got really drunk and was asked to be in a play.  Afterwards, I kept in contact and actually did the play.  A few people saw me the first couple nights and started to approach me about possibly targeting movies."

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Semi Hiautus


i will be on a semi hiatus for a short while cause of exams and other stuff , my blog will still be active as the queue will run 24/7 . Thank you enjoy your day uwu

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Do you think JarPad in beanies is important? 
Do you have a folder of beanie!Jared pictures on your laptop?
Then this is the network you should totally be in!
  • must be following this beanie enthusiast
  • reblog this to enter (likes do NOT count as entries)
  • have your ask and submit open
To qualify you have to
  • love Jared
  • have a Supernatural or multifandom including Spn blog
  • own a quality blog with a great theme, url, icon and posts
  • tag your posts
  • be a nice, nice person
  • group promo when the members get announced
  • a spot on the members page
  • new friends and followers
  • help with graphics, selfies, polls, promos etc.
  • a groupchat to talk about Jared
When you're accepted you will
  • get a submission from me asking you for some things for the network page
  • have to be okay with giving me your e-mail adress for adding you to the chat
  • have to put the link to the members page on your blog
  • want to track the #jaredinbeaniesnet
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